Sunday, September 7, 2008

vacation, part 1. portland to camden, maine.

well! we're back, and since i ended up taking something like almost 300 photos, i'm going to weed through them and do multiple posts. so, here is the first part of our trip up to rockland: portland to camden. we stopped for breakfast on our way out of portland, and it was grey and hurricane hannah was on her way up the coast for the weekend; not great timing. but, we were excited and sleepy and ready for our mini overnight vacation.

camden is a tiny little town on the coast up route one. its right on the water, so it has lots of boats and ducks and little shops. sort of like a really tiny version of portland or portsmouth... the photos are sort of mish-mashed, and i can't go through to caption each one (it would take forever), so here's a brief outline of what we did while were in camden: walked through town, walked to the harbor and looked at the boats, sat on a bench by the water and were entertained by many ducks! eee!, got ice cream, more ducks, sat on the flower covered bridge... it sprinkled rain off and on while we were there but it was still warm and i would definitely go back there to spend more time. we only had a little over an hour to kill before check-in at our hotel in rockland.

i made the photos small here, to save space-- but you can click each one to make them much bigger!!!

i will try to get the photos for part two up ASAP. there are so many from the hotel and the breakwater, and the ride home..... and i promise to write more indepth about everything as well, we had SUCH SUCH SUCH a wonderful time. -- more to come!....


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so glad you guys had fun! That picture of the purple flower is AMAZING. It's so looks digitally enhanced. I love that the ducks modeled for you. Duck feet are cuuute!

Can't wait for the rest! xo

Raea said...

oops... ^that was me.