Monday, September 8, 2008

vacation, part 2. rockport and back home.

these are the photos from the second part of our trip: rockport (where our hotel was), back home to portland. as you can see, sunday (our drive back) was a nicer day; saturday was very grey and rained all night, but we were too busy swimming in the pool and eating room service dessert to notice. the breakwater we walked out on was a mile long with a little lighthouse at the end, which we could see shining at midnight in the rain.

(as usual, click on the photos to see them much bigger!)

i promise to write a more detailed blog about the vacation went by far too quickly/fast, but it was so much fun <3


Anonymous said...

the food looks yummy ! glad you had a nice time at the coast-being near the ocean is good for the soul.


miss allen said...

after visiting livejournal for the first time in a long time, i discovered your blog. you may not remember, but we go way back. my most recent lj handle is/was mustardyellow.

anyway, because i'm interested...
i'm going to subscribe to your blogger, if you don't mind.

<3, chesnee

s.jane said...

Brooke your blog is awesome! So much inspiring design stuff, I love it! Your vacation looks like it was so nice and it makes me miss Maine oh so much!

Raea said...

Wow, your pictures are so pretty. What a nice place. The breakfast and dessert look soooo yummy! Glad you had fun m'dear!