Sunday, November 23, 2008


i am starting a little collection of artwork for our living room. it may or may not make its way up onto the walls before we move in six months, but its worth a try. i always used to be the type of girl who went the easy way with art: posters. in the past few years i've grown more and more appreciative of actual art-- original photography, paintings, prints.

i have some wonderful artist friends who have helped along the way. i currently have original photography from some of my favorite ladies: meg and kerry (kerry's still need frames...)-- and i have some black and white portraits of yours truly on the way from the always amazing jess from fidelio photography. i am also lucky to have artwork in the form of sculpture from my best girl, raea (who has an amazing new etsy shop: empty cage; and prints by pam's standingflower gallery.

this apartment isn't the best for showcasing artwork, as its small and cramped and it can start to feel overwhelming and cluttered very quickly. i long to have nice big sunlit walls on which to hang all of my pretties.

i recently treated myself to two new prints which i think will eventually work out nicely with our in-progress black and white living room decor; from a fabulous shop on etsy: untamed menagerie...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE them, and can't wait to find some awesome frames for them!

its going to be fun coordinating frames and finding temporary spots for everything in the next couple of months...

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Anonymous said...

i *LOVE* untamed menagerie so much. those prints are sick. i can gve you a new sculpture too lady! i know that one is a bit beat up. ;)