Sunday, November 23, 2008

so, i have a new obsession to add to the list: vintage unfinished estate sale quilt tops! ackkk. so, while perusing etsy and ebay today, i stumbled upon an interest i had once upon a time but had nearly forgotten about... old vintage quilts have such a different look than today's modern and funky quilts (well, mine anyway ;))... i love that there are so many unfinished quilts just waiting for insides and backs, and waiting for ME! so many eras, so many generations.. some of them really date pretty far back! i love all of the different styles and fabrics, from feedsacks to mod. i made a $20 investment today and bought my first one, not particularly "vintage" but fun just the same:

my goal is to get a nice little collection of them, finish them, and actually keep them. [i never get to keep anything i make! ;)] i think having a nice stack of them in the living room will help with the cold winter nights; not to mention will mean there will always be a project to be done! the best part is that most of the work is done for me! and trust me, most of the older styles are not anything i could actually pull off as far as skill goes. especially considering most of them have been hand stitched. omg. but! i can finish them easily enough! there are a few that i have my eyes on right now:

i love how sometimes they aren't the prettiest things ever, but sort of quirky and unique! i think i will try to treat myself to a new one every once in a while, since they generally are fairly inexpensive. its nice to think that alongside my own creations, i will have some vintage heirloom type pieces. a nice mix of the old and the new.


Rae-Rae said...

Cool idea B. would you consider selling them too? it might be a nice way of you selling some bigger stuff in your shop while still keeping the price reasonable. (i know if you made one like these from scratch if would probably cost a lot just from labor costs!) just a thought! <3

Amy Greenan said...

Hm, you know... I have a quilt top that I made myself a few years ago that I will probably never get around to assembling into a quilt. I can take a photo if you are interested in doing a trade for one of your quilts, or I would be curious to know how much it would cost for you to make it into a quilt, too!

You can email me if you like.