Monday, November 24, 2008

decor8 entry link.

when i see posts like this one, i start to re-think my decision to have a black and white living room-- all of the colors are just so beautiful! but, i have such great black and white plans for our living room, i can't go back now ;)


s.jane said...

I wish Adam and I had nice bright rooms like in all of those pictures! I kind of have a love/ hate thing going on with white walls. I think that I hate them, and then I see stuff like that!

Rae-Rae said...

my apt has super white walls (and they have to stay that way! hhmmpf!) so it's good for me to see white and color being used together like this. thx for posting this!

p.s. your black and white scheme is going to look amazing. you can always add a few colored throw pillows if you need a splash of color. :)