Tuesday, November 11, 2008

black and white.

we (mostly i mean me) are getting ready to do a small living room re-do. just a very small one, because space and money are very limited. but, i recently got a steal on some ikea curtains i've been coveting, along with some black and white damask fabrics to recover our sofa pillows. for now it will have to do, until we can get down to ikea to get the black and white rug we want for under our coffee table. the curtains that are on their way actually have a hint of avacado green in them, so we can still keep our accent color if we want to.... and hopefully someday pat's sister will give us her old sofa (she has to find a new one first ;)), because the one we have now just doesn't match. pat loves the black and white thing, so i figure its something we can both enjoy. its a little glam, which isn't necessary his style, but its also modern and funky. plus, i'm a little bit punkrock. ;)
i actually did a round of black and white in my living room at my old apartment, with bright orange curtains. it was fun... and the black and white rug thats featured in one of these photos is actually the old one i had from ikea that i sold before we moved. go figure.

onto the inspiration!

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Raea said...

I am so into damask, and spool-y lamps. I love all that glamour/vintage style.