Tuesday, November 11, 2008


after realizing that the knobs on this bureau are not able to be removed (they were painted over and thus stuck, from long long ago), i gave myself the go ahead to just paint over them again. its a bummer, because i had wanted to get some cool glass knobs to replace them; but life goes on. two drawers have just gotten a first coat of paint as of today, so there's still a ways to go on this project. this picture was taken just after a third coat of paint was put on the bureau itself, so it looks a little uneven. this color has been tough to do, but i think in the end its going to be awesome. i love it! [ps. the color is actually a bit darker/richer then the photo shows. it was in the sunlight!]

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Raea said...

This came out even better than I thought it would! LOVE IT!!!