Sunday, November 16, 2008


(click to see all of these photos larger!!)

this weekend i received in the mail my fabric for the living room pillows, and also the curtains i had ordered. sooooo, i got to have a little fun this afternoon! -- do not look at our dirty area rug. hopefully i will get to replace it soon. it is beyond hope. sigh, white.

curtain: ikea
fabric: michael miller & joel dewberry
couch: vintage! (grandma hand-me-down)
coffee table: ikea
rug: ikea
shelving: ikea (expedit!! <3)
new little table organizer: burlington coat factory for $4!

also, this weekend, i've had a chance to work on my Inspiration Book, full of home dec stuff i've gotten out of magazines. of course, i still have another dozen or so magazines that i refuse to cut up because they're too gorgeous from front to back (and imported from UK, etc).

AND, i've set aside some sewing projects for the coming months.


raea said...

i love that you have a decor sketchbook. so satisfying!

the new pillows are a great. you've been a busy girl! :)

kerry ball said...

i LOVE the damask fabric!! it's gorgeous!