Monday, July 6, 2009

onesie quilt, finished!

a couple of months ago i started working on this custom order for christine in california.. a quilt made from fabrics from a collection of her baby's old onesies. i alternated the onesie fabrics with some great designer fabrics (amy butler, denyse schmidt), and bordered/backed the quilt with some sunny yellow fabrics! the knits of the onesie fabrics gave me a bit of trouble with stretching, but i did my best. i'm hoping christine loves it, and now she will have something to last forever to remind her of the days when her baby boy was itty-bitty!


Allison said...

Knits are tricky to quilt with, but if you use an iron on stabilizer it makes it a breeze and you'll get nice perfectly matching seams. Or maybe you already knew that and it stretched anyways, cause its definitely happened to me before! Love Love Love the quilt, what a little keepsake for her!

Anonymous said...

Very cute quilt!

Thank you Allison for posting that tip. I did not know that and will use that tip for the quilt I am getting ready to make out of my sons onesies.